Food Poisoning


Enjoy the true/false game about food poisoning and remember that one bacterium can multiply to over 2,000,000 within seven hours!

You should always wash hands before preparing food.   blank
You should wrap food before storing it in the fridge.   blank
Freshly prepared foods are less likely to have germs.   blank
It is safe to defrost meat and freeze it again.   blank
Germs multiply rapidly in warm weather.   blank
There are no germs present in cold climates.   blank
Fridges can harbour diseases.   blank
Milk does not turn sour if left out in warm conditions.   blank
Dairy and meat products should be stored separate.   blank
Germs do not breed under finger nails.   blank
Restaurants must comply with health regulation laws.   blank
Home bottled fruit can cause severe sickness.   blank
Frozen goods can get spoiled over time.   blank
You can't catch food poisoning from fast food outlets.   blank
Adults are more susceptible to food poisoning than kids.   blank
Youcan die from food poisoning.   blank
Chicken meat is more susceptible to germs than red meat.   blank
Females suffer from food poisoning more than males.   blank
Babies and infants have died due to food poisoning.   blank
Cleanliness standards should concern every person.   blank



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